A delightfully rich arrangement of one of George Gershwin's most famous tunes, from his musical Porgy and Bess. Arranged for high female voice in A minor with strings (violin I, violin II, viola, and cello) suitable for quartet or string orchestra. 

Arranged for easily accessible string ranges and positions. Sheet music available at Includes a full score and all parts.   

First performed by Elizabeth Anne Mall and the Kansas Community Chamber Orchestra.

  Porgy and Bess is probably the most famous and most successful American opera from the twentieth century. Based on DuBose Heyward’s novel, Porgy, and the play that was adapted from it by Heyward and his wife Dorothy, it has long been considered the crowning achievement in the stellar careers of all of the authors. Since its debut in 1935, the story of the crippled beggar transformed by his unexpected and improbable love for Bess, has been performed all over the world by theater and opera companies.


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